Born out of a desire to make change

Where to begin? Circular Roots was born (in Ireland) out of a necessity for change in how we were approaching sustainable fashion. We had been in the "sustainable fashion" industry since 2016 with our first baby (, and although it was a lot of fun (and still is ) there were some real issues that were consistently arising. The biggest one of all of them was waste.     


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The Journey begins

After a long hard look at the facts (that all fashion, even if its called "sustainable" creates a huge amount of waste), we decided on a few main factors needed that were non-negotiable moving forward. 1- The possibility to recycle our fabrics into new garments once they reached their end. 2-The ability to take those items back in from our customers so they could be re-made. And 3 - The possibility to print on demand to reduce the amount of wasted production that naturally occurred with each new clothing line. So in 2018 we set about looking for a manufacturer who could help us with a solution.

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Found it!

We looked at all the main manufacturing hubs for sustainable clothing, India , Bangladesh , Turkey , Greece and countless trips to various factories in Portugal ( life is hard, we know 😉). Finding someone who could help with all three areas was proving really difficult, until voila! (after 3 years 🤨) We found one! We teamed up with a Uk based company that manufacture out of India, in renewable energy factories. Finally we got lucky!

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Our Products

Our products are something we are immensely proud of, as they come on the back of a long search for solutions.

The cotton we use is 100% organic, and creates long lasting high quality clothing.

Everything is printed on demand in real time, only when a customer actually needs it. Therby creating little or no waste.

And every item can be sent back in to us, broken down and re made into something new, bringing about a circular loop in which we aim to have no item of ours end up in landfill.

(so please please send your clothing back into us when you're finished with it! We will even offer you store discount for doing so, as a way of saying thanks!)

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