The importance of Circular Fashion

..and printing on demand.

Very early on in our sustainability journey we were seeing real issues crop up consistently, and unused items was a big one. With each new clothing line created, there would inevitably be sizes that wouldn't sell, and also different style / design variations that wouldn't sell as well as others. All of this left unsold items ( essentially waste ) within our business. This was hugely frustrating when you are trying your best to be "sustainable" as a business, but your business has other ideas.

By printing on demand in real time as orders are actually placed, we no longer have items being created that are going to waste. Each item is created for each customer only as the need arises, so the opportunity for waste to be created is minimal. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to no longer create waste in this area, as it just seemed so unnecessary to begin with.

Switching to a Circular fashion model was the next big logical step. In a business where even the most discerning of sustainably focused customers will want new items to buy from time to time, we realised that after a number of years, some of those items that we sell would naturally be either worn out, or simply no longer loved by the people who bought them, and quite possibly end up discarded in landfill. 

By following a circular fashion model, we can offer our customers the opportunity to send back in any clothing when they feel they will no longer wear it. When that happens, these items are broken down, along with many other items, and re spun  ( along with raw organic cotton ) into new items, that can then be re introduced into our circular model, and never end up in landfill. Hallelujah!

Just one solution to a huge problem, but one that we feel could be the future of the industry.